APT Security Systems (part of the APT Controls group), the high-end integrator for high-performance vehicle access systems, has launched the Guardian Automatic Bollard – its greenest-ever rising bollard using less power to operate, fewer materials to install and generating less waste for landfill.

The Guardian Automatic Bollard meets customer requirements in terms of quality, environmental assurances and price, according to Chris Rowlands, Managing Director of APT Security Systems: “When measured against comparable rising bollards, it uses 80 percent less power, its installation requires 52 percent less concrete and causes 49 percent less landfill waste,” he says.

Designed for sites that require stringent control of frequent vehicle access, its green credentials also help to reduce installation, maintenance and operating costs. This is achieved not just in its power consumption, but with no requirement for a separate cabinet there is less street furniture, as all access controls and pumps are housed within the sleek utility column. Also, the mechanical components that make up the Guardian Bollard have been selected to guarantee a longer operational life and all maintainable spare parts are lightweight enough for one person to lift.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Chris says that the bollard has been built to last: “Its robust design is able to withstand impact with vehicles travelling up to 20mph,” he continues. “It is an innovative product that customers can rely on and will suit the rising number of environmental procurement policies.”

Other benefits include: a rising and lowering period of only eight seconds; it can be installed as part of a Highways Agency approved solution; up to six bollards can be powered from one control box; it uses biodegradable oil and omits low level noise in operation.