APT Security Systems (part of the APT Controls group), the high-end integrator for high-performance vehicle access systems, has upgraded its versatile Executive Automatic Barrier with a range of new features including an option to include an Active Safety Edge or Bottom Skirt at no extra cost.

The new features, a choice of which are now included as standard, are designed to avoid vehicle damage and improve the integrity of the sites where these barriers are installed. The Active Safety Edge automatically detects an object beneath it to avoid accidents, whereas the Bottom Skirt prevents pedestrians from ducking under the barrier with potentially dangerous consequences.

Premium design and build quality come as standard with APT’s most customisable parking barrier; designed to accommodate various aesthetic and functional requirements. Included within the standard price, customers can now fully tailor barriers to meet individual site requirements, selecting multiple colours for each barrier unit from an extended range of RAL colours. In addition, and again all at no extra cost, the barrier arm can incorporate personalised welcome messages, adding warmth and professionalism.

Further security and an enhanced user experience is provided with the Executive Automatic Barrier’s industry leading ultra-smooth motion and arm that has an opening and closing time of just two to five seconds. The barrier arm itself can only be removed using barrier keys.

Durability is assured through the 24-month warranty that comes with any Executive Automatic Barrier that is maintained by an APT engineer. They are tested to withstand the harshest weather conditions and no plastic parts are used in their construction.

The Executive Automatic Barrier has an adjustable arm, which has been designed to work with any road camber and can be programmed to work with all access control systems. The result is a premium, adaptable barrier that has been built to last, says Chris Rowlands, Managing Director of APT Security Systems: “The Executive Automatic Barrier is proven in the field and will continue to be the preferred choice in environments where reliability, versatility and durability are key.”

Suitable for industrial units, commercial complexes, hospitals, hotels and large expansive openings, APT’s Executive Automatic Barrier range, is one of the most robust, durable and adaptable within the vehicle access environment.