APT Security Systems (part of the APT Controls group), the high-end integrator for high-performance vehicle access systems has installed a rising step barrier system at Hertfordshire’s Batchworth Park Golf Club, extending its portfolio of golf club clients.

As a members’ golf club, Batchworth Park has a duty to provide its members, potential members and visitors with convenient and safe access to the Club’s car park. The Hydrakerb system was chosen because it could meet the specific customer requirements, striking the right balance between offering assured security against vehicle theft & vandalism, versus convenience for end-users.

Batchworth’s access system has been designed so that during opening hours there is free entry into the car park allowing for fast and convenient access and a code-activated exit system that enables the Golf Club management to monitor new users. Out of hours, the system changes to controlled entry.

Not only flexible, the Hydrakerb’s design is highly reliable, safe and robust. The vandal resistant Hydrakerb system comes with a stop and go traffic light, meaning there is no ambiguity as to when to drive into or out of the car park, it also has a highly visible yellow and black design and is strong enough to hold vehicles of up to a five tonne axel load.

APT Security Systems was chosen over its competitors because of its expertise in offering clients a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution that could be tailored to Batchworth Park’s specific needs. This combined with recommendations from numerous other golf clubs and APT’s ISO accreditation made it a trustworthy choice.

Chris Rowlands, Managing Director of APT Security Systems is pleased that the firm’s reputation preceded it and that they were able to deliver a product and service that met the needs of the client. “The Hydrakerb is an ideal product for access systems that require a combination of solid, secure reliability and flexible user-friendliness. From a civil engineering point of view, the fact that our Hydrakerb only requires a 300mm install depth, means that we were able to provide the right access system with minimal disruption. This is always an important factor to consider as turning away paying guests and members is not an option,” says Chris. “Working with Batchworth Park we were able to identify the best time to complete the installation work and provide an alternative parking facility whilst it was being undertaken.”

APT has launched its most environmentally friendly vehicle access solution, the Guardian Automatic Bollard. The product’s highlights include an 80 percent reduction in power consumption, installation that causes 49 percent less landfill waste and requires 52 percent less concrete when compared to equivalent automatic rising bollards. Full information on this innovative new product and its benefits will be released in due course.

APT is currently actively seeking a number of locally based installers and distributers for its new Guardian product range, under exclusivity terms.