APT Security Systems, the high-end integrator of physical security solutions, has supplied and installed an innovative access control gate system in Wellingborough Town Centre that gives public transport vehicles sole access to a designated town centre route during peak times.

Northamptonshire County Council hopes that the system, which uses long-range vehicle identification technology to allow only buses and taxis to enter the specified route between the hours of 9:00 to 16:30, will combat congestion in the town centre and cut down carbon emissions by encouraging more people to travel using public transport.

One of only a small number of specialist Highways-approved suppliers in the UK, APT Security Systems installed a single directional triple rising bollard system, explains Chris Rowlands, Managing Director of APT Security Systems: “We supplied three bollards integrated with APT’s Passmaster technology at a strategic point on the route, and vehicles authorised by the council to use this route were fitted with a tag.

“The Passmaster system emits a signal that triggers the lowering of the bollard when it recognises an authorised tagged vehicle as present, and traffic indicators advise drivers when they can proceed,” he continues. “We also installed an intercom as a back-up to safeguard the system, as well as ensuring that the council can operate the bollards manually from its CCTV control room.”

APT’s Passmaster readers can recognise tags at distances ranging from one to eight metres and are available in a range of formats to suit different applications and environments, including readers mounted on walls, posts and barriers or housed in a roadside pedestal.

Andrew Lunn of highway service provider MGWSP, a joint venture between May Gurney and WSP, was Design Manager for the Wellingborough bus gate element of the Public Realm project and decided to specify APT technology: “We received quotes from a number of suppliers and APT was able to offer the most competitive, cost-effective solution for the job. Furthermore, I had worked with the company on a previous project and knew that it could meet my needs satisfactorily.”

The Wellingborough bus gate system is now operational and has enabled Northamptonshire County Council to enforce its Traffic Regulation Order much more easily, without the need to prosecute drivers who ignore the restrictions. The system forms part of the council’s Highways initiative and is one of a number of recent improvements and developments that have been carried out in Wellingborough town centre.