Terrain Blocker

The APT Terrain Blocker provides highly effective secure access control to any facility.  Fast acting, the Terrain Blocker minimises waiting time for vehicle traffic.


For vehicle access control at high security premises and sites at risk from ram-raiding and vehicle theft

  • Warehouses storing high value goods
  • Bank vaults
  • Airports
  • Secure commercial properties
  • Police stations
  • Power stations
  • Embassies and other government locations
  • Military bases

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Features and Benefits

Fast Acting

  • Fast operating cycle; quickly raises to stop unauthorised traffic and swiftly lowers so not to impede traffic flow

Reliable and durable

  • Made from the finest materials, and built to highest standards
  • Very low maintenance
  • Hydraulic drive unit

Safe in use

  • Designed to ensure that arm and leg injury by moving parts is not possible
  • Attractive striking design ensures units are clearly visible

Emergency access

  • Over-ride device for emergency services fitted as standard

Customised to requirements

  • Various control methods available


  • Standard colour is black/yellow stripes but any RAL colour can be specified
  • Crests, logos or wording can be specified
  • Control via virtually any control method
  • Traffic lights to advise driver of blocker status
  • Hand pump system for manual operation in event of power failure
  • Other security-enhancing options are available on request

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