Hydrakerb (Rising Step Barrier)

The APT Hydrakerb is a highly reliable and robust solution for car park access control, where vandalism of rising arm barriers can be a problem. 


Parking control – generally unmanned – where there is concern about vehicle theft or vandalism

  • Commercial complexes
  • High risk car parks
  • Residential car parks
  • Can be used with a revenue system

Associated Products

Features and Benefits

An alternative to the traditional barrier arm

Highly Vandal Resistant

  • Provides protection against car thieves

Fast acting

  • Raised or lowered within 2 seconds

Safe for users

  • Traffic light controls tell motorists whether barrier is raised or lowered
  • Yellow black design for high visibility
  • Will bear vehicles up to 5 tonne axle load

Flexible installation options

  • Controls and power pack can be housed up to 10 meters away
  • Requires only 200mm recess in floor/ground
  • Wide variety of remote access control and safety options


  • Coin unit
  • Ticket dispenser
  • Swipe card

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