Bi-Folding Fastgates

Bi-Folding Fastgates are the ideal solution for areas where high security is a main concern, and speed of opening and closing is critical. The bi-folding action serves to provide a very high speed of operation. The imposing appearance forms an effective and impressive entry/exit barrier.


For high security access control

  • High security sites such as airports, prisons and military bases
  • Perimeter fences
  • Car parks at risk from car thieves and vandals
  • Sealing buildings
  • Can be combined with APT road blocker for ultra-high security

Features and Benefits

High speed operation

  • Opens and closes within 2-4 seconds depending upon size, (standard speed is one meter per second)
  • Minimise waiting times for traffic, with uncompromised security

Robust construction for effective security

  • Gates are built entirely of steel cut on high precision CNC controlled plasma cutting machine

Safe in use

  • Electronic safety devices ensure that pedestrians cannot be trapped or injured
  • Safety photocell as standard, safety edges optional

Custom Built

  • Each unit is built to meet the individual project specifications so that any entry can be perfectly sealed, up to a maximum internal width of 7 meters and maximum clear height of 4 meters

Accurate position sensing

  • Provided by four proximity switches


  • Any RAL colour can be specified
  • Company logos or wording can be mounted on the wings of the gate
  • Solid door panels can be provided as an alternative to grill gates
  • Electric motor with frequency regulator
  • Control via push button, handheld transmitter, card reader or virtually any control method
  • Traffic lights or detector loops
  • Hand crank system for hand operation in the event of a power failure
  • Emergency control system to allow the gate to be operated several times after the onset of a power failure
  • Sabotage switches to detect the door being opened; can be connected to an alarm
  • Fence mountings of various types can be accommodated