Passmaster is a long range Vehicle Identification System with read distances ranging from 0.5 metres to 10 metres. It uses semi-passive read-only tags that utilise the power from the antenna for data communications and provides fast and reliable identification.

Passmaster can be combined with a simple stand-alone controller such as the CRC100 to open a barrier for authorised vehicles or can form part of an integrated access management system, where the data from the tag can be processed to monitor vehicle movement etc.

APT Security Systems offer a choice of readers to suit different applications and environments. The type of reader chosen will depend upon the defined identification area and the reading distance required. Readers can be easily mounted on walls, posts, and barriers or included in a roadside pedestal. Vehicles can be detected passing through the detection zone, even at speed.

The tags contain a long-life battery to power the onboard electronics. The tags are semi-passive and the battery is not used for the generation of RF energy. The lifetime of the tag is constant and independent of tag usage. The reading distance for all tags for any given reader is constant and independent of age.

Tags can be provided as lightweight cards for personnel or vehicle identification. They can be detected when carried on a belt, in a pocket, wallet, bag or briefcase (they can’t be detected through the human body or through metal).

Special vehicle mount tags, suitable for harsh environments, are also available. These can be mounted directly against metal surfaces and are ideal for fleet management and railway applications.

  • Guaranteed read ranges from 0.5 metres to 10 metres
  • Vehicle and personal identification
  • 2.45 GHz microwave frequency reducing interference
  • Easy installation
  • Hands-free control
  • Semi passive tag – long life
  • Tags can be programmed to customer requirements
  • Immunity – relatively insensitive to environment
  • Choice of interfaces (Clock & Data, Wiegand, RS232, RS485)
  • Tag identification in any orientation
  • Identification of vehicles at speed
  • Multiple reader option