The car park had been available to customers for many years but increasingly more and more people had been using the car park for residential and general parking. The client confirmed that many vehicles appeared to be parked permanently throughout the week. This reduces the car park capacity for legitimate customers, resulting in loss of business as customers are unable to park.

Clients Requirement

To design a vehicle access control system that controls vehicles entering and exiting the private car park for use of the patrons only.

APT Solution

Several options were available and discussed with A&N Watkins to resolve the parking issue. They were happy to progress with a bespoke card system linked to a ticket machine.

Customers would take a ticket on entry to the car park, then upon presentation of the ticket in the store, a valid exit token or card would be presented.

All regular customers and staff are issued with cards that will allow entry and exit without using the ticket machine.

A&N Watkins are pleased with the solution APT have provided and believe their custom-ers are happier to find more parking spaces available.