On 29th April 2010, APT successfully crash tested a new and innovative bollard for anti terror / anti ram purposes.
This new APT30 “complete” has been designed to address many of the common problems seen by our customers with existing products. These are:
(i) All current shallow foundation bollards are tested in sets of 3, are cost prohibitive, require complex connecting on installation and use significant material levels making them heavy and cumbersome to manoeuvre; (ii) All current medium depth bollards require foundation depths of over 650mm, have been tested in sets of 3, require complex and costly foundation design activity and often make it difficult for installers to cost.
The new APT30 “complete” was successfully crash tested to withstand an impact of 7.5ton at 30mph and offers the following significant benefits:
– The bollard was tested as a single unit, the first in the UK
– The bollard requires a foundation of just 400mm
– The bollard is far lighter than all existing shallow bollards making it easier to position and install
– The bollard does not require any rebar or connections during installation, making it the easiest installation possible. Simply dig, place and concrete.
– The bollard uses less material than all other shallow bollards which is great for the environment
– The bollard is delivered complete with its foundation cage, meaning no design or cost concerns
– It is very cost competitive providing massive savings over existing shallow systems
We just love pushing the boundaries to make anti terror protection cheaper and easier for our customers!
Keep watching or more new innovative products that we expect to launch over the coming months, or e-mail us at sales@aptcontrols.co.uk to receive automatic updates of our news!