APT Security Systems have successfully crash tested the worlds first surface mounted bolt down bollard. The new APT30SM has been developed to help our customers protect their facilities with minimal foundation changes. The product can easily be installed, removed and reinstalled thereby being the perfect product for temporary protection during heightened security situations. It can also be installed on existing foundation pads including suspended slabs with minimal disruption.

Tested as a single bollard in an array of 3 units that were installed within 4 hours, the product successfully stopped the N2 7.5 ton vehicle at 30mph (48kph). On impact the units did not move, providing no safety risk for pedestrians. When installed, any of the units can be removed to allow access to (for example) underground services.

APT filed a UK patent application on 18 April 2011, numbered 1106499.5, entitled Safety Bollard, directed to the APT30SM product.