Client Requirement

Bedford Borough Council wanted to create a bus priority scheme that would allow for the swift passage of only authorised vehicles through a new development in Biddenham. Without appropriate access controls it was felt that the scheme would be open to abuse and used by unauthorised vehicles as a means of a shortcut.

The solution needed to allow swift access to buses & emergency service vehicles.

APT Solution

APT proposed the Passmaster system in conjunction with an APT Highways Approved Chantry Automatic Bollard system, as the most appropriate solution.

The Passmaster system is a long-range vehicle identification system, with a guaranteed read distance of up to 8 metres. Tags are fitted to vehicles that are to be allowed authorised access, which are programmed as per the clients’ individual requirements. When a vehicle fitted with a programmed tag approaches the entrance to the scheme the reader is able to identify the vehicle and the system will automatically lower the Chantry Bollard. The hands-free operation and high-speed read range means that drivers do not need to stop to interact with the reader. It is ideal where fast processing is required to avoid queues and congestion.

Bedford Borough Council has been delighted with the bus priority system and has extended to a bus priority system in Cardinton.