Four parking barriers that were installed at the Enfield Civic Centre when the building was enlarged more than 35 years ago are still operating as efficiently as ever today, according to Enfield Borough Council.

Located at the entrance and exit of both the ground floor car park and basement car park of the council’s main offices, the durable barriers were provided by APT Security Systems, which has been supplying high-performance vehicle access systems since 1961. Its comprehensive range of barrier systems now covers everything from simple, manually operated posts through to fast-acting, automatic systems for high traffic flow situations.

John Harrild, Services Manager, has worked at the council for 30 years and says that the barriers have required minimal upkeep over their long life: “The barriers are maintained by APT, who have attended to minor things such as replacing the sensing loops or a broken barrier arm, but other than that their operation has been faultless.

“No-one can doubt their robust build, because they still work perfectly, and we have never seen any need to upgrade or replace them.”

Age no barrier for APT!