APT Security Systems (part of the APT Controls group), the high-end integrator for high-performance vehicle access systems, has successfully completed the crash test of a gate that can be retrofitted to qualifying gates, and which has been designed and built in support of a UK Government project.

APT engineers assisted in designing the barrier that can be used to replace a specific range of gates dating back to the 1990s to better protect against vehicular attack. “The gate had to be crash rated,” explains Chris Rowlands, Managing Director of APT Security Systems, “but importantly it also had to replace a specific range of existing gates and so, to keep cost to a minimum, fit with existing end posts from the original gates.”

APT Security Systems drew upon its expert design capabilities to devise a very specific product to meet exacting demands. “The result,” continues Chris, “is that we have designed a rolling gate barrier that fits with existing end posts, which means no foundation work is required and just the roll-gate can be replaced to provide a crash rated solution. It was an interesting challenge to design and build something that could be retrofitted to a specific range of gates so we are very pleased with the end result.”

The new gate section has been successfully tested at TRL to withstand a 7.5ton lorry at 48kmh with zero penetration.