APT Security Systems, the high-end integrator for high-performance vehicle access systems, is engaged in an ongoing programme of supplying and installing rising arm parking barriers at a number of properties across the Mercure hotels portfolio, which forms part of the prestigious Accor hotel management group.

The barriers – each of which was individually designed and adapted to fit the different sites – have been installed at 10 out of 24 Mercure hotels in order to ensure the security of guests’ and visitors’ vehicles, alongside an access control and fee management system.

Security is an aspect of hotel management that is of paramount importance to Mercure according to Peter Borthwick, Technical Operations Manager: “The security of our parking facilities is something that many guests take into consideration when making a booking, particularly at one of our city centre hotels, so it is really important that we take steps to ensure that the security provision for vehicles is of the same high standard as the rest of the customer service at our hotels.”

The rising arm parking barriers from APT Security Systems prevent people entering and leaving the car park without the hotel’s knowledge – ensuring that there are spaces available for guests to park by preventing unauthorised parking – and protect vehicles from theft.

“We had tried car park security equipment from another two companies and neither of them proved to be satisfactory,” Peter continues, “but APT were able to supply systems that were almost ‘bespoke’ for each of the sites and all of the installations have been going really well.

“The APT barrier equipment is performing excellently and the APT engineers were even able to resolve issues that remained with a third party’s equipment, which that company itself had been unable to remedy.”

In addition to the barriers, APT engineers also installed an access control and fee management system at several of the sites, which delivers further benefits to the hotel chain. Guests take a ticket as they enter a hotel car park and hand the ticket over when they check in at reception. They are then given a keycard for their room and this same keycard facilitates entry and exit from the car park for the duration of their stay. Furthermore, if visitors who are not guests wish to use the car park, such as for conferences or meals at the hotel restaurant, they can pay a fee at reception and be given a token that allows them to leave the car park.

According to Chris Rowlands, Managing Director of APT Security Systems, the long-term value of the technology installed across the Mercure chain is already becoming apparent: “At the Holland House Hotel in Bristol, Mercure recovered their investment within six months through revenue collected from the car park, which demonstrates the rewards of installing such a system.

“The combination of APT barriers and the access control system means that control of their own car parks really is now firmly in the hands of Mercure. The system is easy to use, both for hotel operators and guests, and delivers peace of mind regarding the security of parked vehicles, with the added bonus of providing an additional source of revenue,” he concludes.

Mercure is part of the Accor group and has been managing hotels for over 40 years. It combines hospitality expertise with a personalised experience, across a wide range of almost 5000 hotels in diverse international locations