(Stand E106) APT Security Systems, the high-end integrator for high-performance vehicle access systems, will be demonstrating the anti-terror capabilities of both its APT30AT and APT30SH bollards, and its crash-tested cycle rack, at Counter Terror Expo over the 25th and 26th April at Olympia in London.

With foundations of just 500mm, the APT30AT is the world’s shallowest automatic rising crash-tested bollard and requires foundations of only a quarter of the depth of standard crash bollards, and almost half the depth of competitors’ equivalent shallow crash-rated bollards. Designed in-house by APT engineers and with a raised height of 900mm, it is fast-acting and very easy to install, commission and maintain.

Chris Rowlands, Managing Director of APT Security Systems, explains that the APT30AT belongs to the ‘Complete’ bollard range, so called because – unlike standard bollards – each comes complete with rebar cage: “No complicated foundations are required; you just need to dig, place and concrete,” he says.

Also being demonstrated and belonging to the same range is the Anti-Terror APT30SH, which has been successfully crash tested to withstand an impact of 7.5 tonnes at 30mph. Furthermore, unlike standard testing where the bollards are tested as a set of three, the APT30SH was tested as a single unit with single foundation, the only static shallow bollard tested in this manner in the world.

“APT is introducing a world of firsts, and many of its bollards are attaining whole new levels of anti-terror capability,” explains Chris. Commenting on the achievement of the APT30SH, he says: “This single bollard, which requires a foundation of just 400mm, shows how intelligent engineering can add strength to the ubiquitous bollard.”

Finally, APT will be exhibiting its APT40CR crash-rated cycle rack, which has been approved to withstand 7.5 tonnes travelling at 40mph. The rack has a shallow depth foundation of just 250mm and is suitable for securing bikes, scooters and motorcycles.

Chris says that Counter Terror Expo is an ideal environment in which to demonstrate the powerful capabilities of APT’s latest products: “This is a ‘must attend’ event for so many counter terrorism professionals and security specialists, and those are exactly the people who will understand and recognise the inherent potential for these bollards to integrate with their security strategies.”

He also hinted at a new product that may be unveiled at the show: “APT has been working on something special, and the show will be an excellent event to introduce it to its target audience.”