APT Security System, the high-end specialist security integrator, is set to protect key locations along the Thames waterfront.

The contract was awarded by Lambeth Council and is project managed by South Bank Employers Group, the installations will help secure the South Bank area, along with its top tourist attractions, iconic venues, theatres, and art and design-led destinations located along the waterfront, protecting them from vehicular attack.

The contract will be fulfilled over the coming months with perimeter protection technology being installed on a phased basis. The system will rely upon APT Security Systems’ crash-rated shallow mounted static bollards (the APT40SH and APT30SH), used in combination with APT’s Automatic Bollard (APT50A) and its Mid Depth Static Bollard (APT50ST).

The bollards are set to be sympathetic to the design and architecture of the South Bank area says Chris Rowlands of APT Security Systems: “We don’t want to compromise on the aesthetics. Much work has been done in recent years to transform the South Bank making it inviting for Londoners and tourists alike but it is important that those visitors and the buildings are safeguarded against vehicular attack.

“This is an extensive project that will help to protect one of London’s popular cultural destinations – and one which we are delighted to have been awarded,” says Chris.