A new bolt-down bollard – the APT30SM – from APT Security Systems has proved its worth in a crucial test conducted by the company, withstanding the impact from a 7.5 tonne vehicle travelling at 30mph.

This surface mount, bolt-down bollard requires minimal foundations for installation, rendering it an ideal security solution in a scenario where a security bollard is only required temporarily. At the recent crash test the bollards did not move on impact, unlike similar bollards in this class, proving that it is the most appropriate bollard when ensuring there is no risk to pedestrians.

Newly developed by APT’s engineering team, the APT30SM requires a concrete foundation of just 100mm, or it can be erected on an existing slab. Plates bolt into the foundation to a depth of 70mm, meaning that the bollard can be both pinned down and removed with ease and then reused. The bollard has a raise height of 1 metre.

Chris Rowlands, Managing Director of APT Security Systems says that they are proud of the APT30SM and the advances in security engineering that it represents: “We believe it is the perfect solution for high profile events in everyday environments where a permanent bollard is either impractical or unnecessary, such as political party conferences.”

Another benefit of the APT30SM is that it can be installed on surfaces where foundations are not feasible, such as on raised slabs or suspended walkways: “APT is committed to developing innovative security products that perfectly suit customers’ needs,” he says, “and it is hoped that the specific features of this new variation will resolve many of the security problems posed by temporary events.”